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The Relation between the Spacing of Punching Mesh and the Opening Rate

Date of publication:2019-08-20 Browse:Second

In fact, the hole spacing is a statement of the gap between punching nets. In fact, it is the distance between two sieve holes, and this distance can also be expressed in another way, that is, the opening rate as we usually say. Either method is a specification requirement for stainless steel punching screen punching. For the opening rate, it is related to the screening effect of stainless steel punching screen and the selection of screening materials. At the same time, the arrangement of sieve holes deserves our attention.

There may be many stamping process schemes for a punching net. It should be analyzed and compared from the aspects of quality, efficiency, undertaking and safety to determine the best one suitable for all production conditions. In order to achieve the goal of high quality, high efficiency and low material consumption, high efficiency die, high efficiency punching net equipment and automated or mechanized entry and exit parts should be used in mass production, and general equipment, relatively simple die and process or mechanized entry and exit parts should be used in mass production in order to reduce the cost. Cost, in small batch production, the majority of the use of simple dies or combination dies, universal dies.


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