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Features of wedge screen plate

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Wedge screen plate is different from general mesh products in that it has strict mesh size rather than "mesh". Wedge screen plate size is not isolated. It is composed of a series of mesh sizes for hierarchical screening. Wedge screen plate is woven with metal wire or fiber wire, and the aperture is 0.15 ~ 1mm. It can remove and recover suspended solids of different types and small days. Screen separation has the advantages of simple and low operation cost. It is generally used for small-scale wastewater treatment. There are many kinds of wedge screen plate, the main two are vibrating screen and hydraulic screen.

Features of wedge screen plate:

1. It is easy to leak, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The mesh section is trapezoidal, and the gap is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.

2. Good wear resistance and long service life. Due to the unique and excellent materials, the structural design of this product is more perfect. Its service life is more than twice that of similar domestic products.

3. Small maintenance workload. Reasonable structure, not easy to damage and long service life, so it can greatly reduce the loss of maintenance and shutdown maintenance.

4. Low cost. Although the price of this product is slightly higher than that of domestic products of the same type, due to its ultra long service life, the total cost of users is greatly reduced.

5. The screen hole design is reasonable, the screen sheet manufacturing process is unique, the limit size particles will not block the screen hole, and the screening efficiency is high.

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