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Basic Introduction of Rolling Mesh

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Rolling mesh is a kind of wire mesh product, which is made of square mesh by rolling mill and new loom for different raw materials and different standard metal wires. The knitting method of calendering net is the method of pressing and bending before forming, which includes two-way wave isolation twists, flat top twists, two-way twists, closed twists, first rolling and then knitting.

The raw material of wire-rolling pattern is composed of iron wire and black iron wire, which has beautiful structure and strong durability. The weaving characteristics of wire-rolling pattern are rolling first, weaving later, two-way wave isolation twists and turns, tight twists and turns, flat top twists and turns, two-way twists and turns, one-way wave isolation twists and turns. Rolled wire mesh is mostly used in mines, coal plants, construction, petrochemical industry, construction machinery and other places.

The general name of galvanized and galvanized pattern mesh is also divided into low-carbon steel wire pattern, high-carbon steel wire pattern, medium-carbon steel wire pattern, angle wire pattern, galvanized pattern, copper clad wire pattern, and stainless steel wire pattern. The raw materials of galvanized pattern net are stainless steel wire, high carbon steel wire, medium and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, galvanized steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire.

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