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What are the sound absorption characteristics of punching net?

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1. Punch mesh. Large sound insulation capacity: uniform sound insulation capacity 36dB. (Conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, 80 x high 500 x long 2970).

2. The sound absorption coefficient of punching net is high: the uniform sound absorption coefficient is 0.83. (Conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, 80 x high 500 x long 2970).

3. Weatherproof durability of perforated mesh: commodities have water resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and will not be degraded or abnormal quality due to the change of rainwater temperature. Punch mesh is made of galvanized coil, aluminium alloy coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized for more than 15 years.

4. Perforating net is beautiful: you can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine, and it is harmonious with the surrounding environment, forming a beautiful scenery.

5. Punching network economy: assembly construction, which can not only improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, but also save construction costs and labor costs.

6. Punching net is convenient: it is easy to install with other finished products, repair and replace.

7. Safety of punching net: The two ends of the sound absorption board are connected and fixed by_6.2 steel wire rope, which can not only prevent secondary damage, but also reduce the loss of personnel and property.

8. Punching net is simple: Sound absorber N series commodities have the characteristics of light weight. The quality of square rice is less than 25 kg. It can reduce the load-bearing capacity of elevated road, elevated light rail and structure cost.

9. Fire prevention of punching network: Ultra-fine glass wool is selected because of its high melting point and non-flammability, which completely meets the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection standards, and the fire prevention level reaches A level.

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