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Windbreak and Dust Suppression Net

Date of publication:2019-08-15


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Wind-proof and dust-suppression net is a kind of wind-proof and dust-suppression wall with certain geometry, opening rate and different hole shapes, which is processed according to the experimental results of field environmental wind tunnel based on the principle of aerodynamics. When the circulating air (strong wind) passes through the wall from the outside, the upper and lower air flows inside the wall to achieve strong wind outside and inside. Weak wind, outside breeze, inside no wind effect, so as to prevent dust flying. Because no wind-proof and dust-suppression measures are adopted, they are regarded as unorganized emissions by environmental protection departments. According to China's relevant environmental protection regulations, dust discharge fees will be charged for exceeding the standard. At the same time, the dust pollution of coal yard will have a certain impact on the life, study, work and production of the surrounding residents. After the wind-proof and dust-suppression wall is built, the dust pollution can be greatly reduced, the landscape effect of the surrounding area is beautified, and the requirements of the environmental protection department are met. The original heavily polluted stockyard can be turned into a very beautiful green stockyard, so as to achieve the purpose of dust pollution control.

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