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Sound barrier (soundproof board)

Date of publication:2018-10-23


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Noise barrier is mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction of highway, highway, elevated compound road and other noise sources. It can be divided into reflective sound barrier with pure sound insulation and composite sound barrier with sound absorption and sound insulation. The latter is a more effective sound insulation method. It refers to the wall structure set on the side of railway and highway in order to reduce the impact of traffic noise on nearby residents. Sound barriers are also called sound barriers. Insert a facility between the sound source and the receiver to make the sound wave propagation have a significant additional attenuation, thus reducing the noise effect in a certain area where the receiver is located. Such facility is called sound barrier. It can be divided into traffic noise barrier, equipment noise attenuation noise barrier, industrial factory boundary noise barrier, highway and expressway, where all kinds of noise barriers are most used.

Sound barriers can be classified into the following categories according to material: metal noise barriers (metal louvers, metal screen holes), concrete noise barriers (light concrete, high-strength concrete), PC noise barriers, FRP noise barriers, etc.

According to different uses, it can be divided into several categories: railway noise barrier, highway noise barrier, urban landscape noise barrier, residential noise barrier, etc.

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