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Courtyard purse seine

Date of publication:2019-08-15


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Stadium purse net is a new type of protective product specially designed for stadium. It has high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. It is also known as "stadium fencing". It can install fencing pillars and fencing in site construction. The biggest feature of the product is flexibility. The structure, shape and size of the fencing can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements. Stadium enclosure is especially suitable for use as court enclosure, basketball court enclosure, volleyball court and sports training venue with a height of less than 4 meters. Immersion products are steel-based, weatherproof macromolecule resin as the outer layer (0.5-1.0MM thick). They are anti-corrosion, rust-proof, acid-alkali resistance, moisture-proof, insulation, aging resistance, good handle, environmental protection and long life. They are renewal products of traditional paints, galvanizing and other coatings. Their surface is immersion plastic, plastic wrapping treatment/material。

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