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Stainless steel drainage cap

Date of publication:2019-09-15


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The stainless steel drainage cap replaces the traditional plastic water cap of water treatment equipment. The poor strength, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance of the plastic water cap, especially the weak point of poor strength, is easy to rupture, which brings hidden dangers to the safe operation of the equipment.

1. The specifications and characteristics of stainless steel drainage caps can help users to solve the worries caused by the original plastic water caps. Water riser series products include: pipe single-head water cap, pipe double-head water cap, wrench single-head water cap, wrench double-head water cap, long handle water cap, deck single-head water cap, splint double-head water cap, double flow rate water cap, flat water cap and other water caps. This product has a large circulation area (about 2-3 times of the same size plastic slot water cap), anti-aging, good pressure resistance, long service life, almost no damage, safe and reliable, comprehensive low cost, is a new generation of products in the water treatment equipment industry.

2. Advantages and economic analysis of stainless steel drainage cap: Although the unit price of stainless steel trapezoidal wire-wound water cap is several times higher than that of plastic water cap, its advantages far exceed its value. After replacing the stainless steel water cap, it can hardly be damaged and has a long service life. The original plastic water cap is easy to crack and run away from the resin, which will also endanger the safety of the system.

3. Product materials: 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.

4. The stainless steel water cap for drainage cap is widely used in water treatment equipment of power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. It is the key component of water treatment equipment and water distribution device. ABS reinforced water cap series. It is suitable for ion exchangers, ion exchange resins, etc. Product specifications are complete, with internal thread, external thread, single head, double head, long handle type. Water treatment equipment using water caps also takes many forms, such as mechanical filters, high-speed filters, anion and cation exchange resins, floating beds, double chamber beds, mixing beds and gravity filters.

5. Drainage cap structure filter cap, which is composed of water cap seat, water cap cover plate, trapezoidal sieve tube with ribs and diversion tube. The middle axis of the trapezoidal sieve tube is provided with a flow through valve cup which is inverted and fixed on the water cap seat. The lower opening contains the upper part of the flow guide tube extending into the water cap seat. The bottom, wall of the flow through valve cup and the upper tube wall of the flow guide tube are contained with multiple holes, and a floating flow through valve core is arranged on the top of the flow guide tube. By setting the flow rate, the number of round holes, the size of hole and the clearance distance of trapezoidal sieve tube, the water cap can satisfy various flow rate ratio drainage caps of backwashing and filtering water under different technological conditions. The stainless steel drainage cap replaces the traditional plastic water cap of water treatment equipment. The strength of the plastic water cap is poor, the pressure resistance and the temperature resistance of the plastic water cap are poor.

6. The poor anti-aging performance, especially the weak point of poor strength, is easy to rupture, which brings hidden dangers to the safe operation of equipment. Product circulation form comparison: Product characteristics: Full-welded filter pipe and filter plate are made of triangular (V-shaped) stainless steel wire (or carbon steel wire cross-welded, high welding strength, good filtering effect, not easy to plug is the best filter in chemical industry, mining, petroleum, paper making, water well, water treatment equipment, sugar making, wine making and other industries. Equipment.

7. Product structure: Screen barrel is made by welding ribs and V-type winding wires on advanced frequency conversion welding equipment. It has the characteristics of high solder joint strength, uniform gap, strong corrosion resistance, large effective filtering area, good seepage, simple structure, over 0.05 mm gap, and can be selected by users at will, according to user's needs. It can be supplied separately.

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