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Extensive application of punching net products

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In recent years, the use of piercing network has become more and more widespread. In terms of quality, people pursue not only firm, but also wear and tear for a long time to maintain the durability of the piercing network. In terms of aesthetics, people's requirements are getting higher and higher, which can show its unique artistry in application. Punching network has rectangular holes, round holes, hexagonal holes and cross holes, which are mostly used in urban expressways, railways, Metro and other transportation facilities to achieve the barrier effect of environmental protection and noise reduction. For various modern buildings and factories, punching network is chosen as the main raw material. Punch mesh can be used in electronic industry, such as dust-proof and sound-proof cover of sound, easy to process and shape, easy to install, and has a spectacular and gorgeous appearance. Different punching nets have different specifications for the sound absorption effect, weight and size used in the process of using, and can reasonably distribute the maximum utilization of the application equipment in the process of using the punching nets according to different punching.

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